Security is the Key

Security is the Key

In the current climate a number of selling agents have decided to open a Letting Department without having the benefit of any experience in Letting or fully understanding what is involved. Both Tenants and Landlords should be aware of this and think carefully before handing over their money or their property.

Morgan Associates are a long-established firm specialising in Property Management, providing you with the highest service at all times – ‘credit crunch’ or not.

Safety Issues

You can be sure with one of our properties that the gas and electrical appliances will be checked by specialist contractors and certificates given to you on moving in.


Any maintenance required for our managed properties will be dealt with as quickly as possible by our dedicated maintenance department. (With many agents the maintenance department is also the letting department, the management department and the accounts department!)

Security of Deposit

This is an area of new legislation that many Landlords and Agents do not fully understand, and it can cause serious problems at the end of a tenancy. With Morgan Associates your deposit will be registered with The Dispute Service, one of only 3 government-approved Tenancy Deposit Protection schemes, which absolutely guarantees that your deposit is safe no matter what happens with the economy – or Morgan Associates, come to that. Tenants must know that their money is safe, especially at the moment, and for Morgan Associates that is a priority.


We know - boring, isn’t it! Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. 
Many claims to The Dispute Service are thrown out because tenants were not provided with the appropriate paperwork at the start of their tenancy. Morgan Associates provide you with a comprehensive tenancy agreement and a full inventory compiled by an independent inventory specialist. These documents are essential in protecting the interests of both Tenants and Landlords. The sad fact is that you won’t know that you have sub-standard paperwork until it is too late.

Morgan Associates staff receive thanks every week from tenants and landlords for the excellent service they have given. We urge you to think even more carefully than usual before you rent. Now is not the time to take chances with your money, or your property, and many ‘bargains’ sadly turn out to be anything but.

We have an excellent range of properties available, many at very attractive rents, and absolutely no compromise on quality of service!